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+ $0 per Employee

Billed Monthly
  • 1 Job Post
  • 1 User



+ $2.2 per Employee

Billed Monthly
  • 10 Job Posts
  • 5 Users



+ $3.4 per Employee

Billed Monthly
  • 30 Job Posts
  • 10 Users



+ $5.8 per Employee

Billed Monthly
  • 60 Job Posts
  • 20 Users



+ $11 per Employee

Billed Monthly
  • More than 60 Job Posts
  • More than 50 Users

Feature Comparison

Chatbot ManagementFreemiumStart-UpGrowthExpandEnterprise
General Chatbot Templates
Personalised Chatbot Templates
Audio Question Type
Video Question Type
Schedule Question Type
Career Site Management
Basic Templates
Customize Template
Host Career site on Own Domain
Job Post Limits1 Job10 Jobs20 Jobs60 Jobs
Candidates Management
Candidate Fit Score
Bot Evaluation Score
interviewer Evaluation Score
Google Meet / Calendar Integration
Zoom Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Workflow Management
Select Workflow Templates
Create new Template
Feedback Management
Feedback Parameters
Enterprise Management
Add Multiple Enterprises